About Us

Pride of Austin Capital Partners, LLC is your direct hard money lender for commercial and residential properties. We provide equity based lending for real estate property and borrowers who do not meet the stringent requirements of conventional underwriting guidelines. Our excellent reputation has been built on our ability to provide financing solutions for borrowers who have come across challenging times and are in need of creative financing solutions.

Pride of Austin Capital Partners, LLC manages Pride of Austin High Yield Fund 1, LLC. Our commitment is to provide flexible solutions to each borrower’s unique or difficult financing requirements. This is where we excel, providing the experience, determination, hard work, and a clear understanding of the unique needs of the borrower and the unique character of each loan submission.

We are proud to be a continuing member and supporter of the American Association of Private Lenders, an association of fund managers, direct lenders and brokers.

Meet The Team

David F Owen, Managing Partner

David F Owen, PhD, is an 8th generation Texan with close to 40 years of professional experience in the Texas real estate market and real estate finance industry. A multi-degreed professional who has completed studies at University of North Texas, Sacred Heart School of Theology, Marquette University and University of Texas, David has accrued leadership skills that have given him insight into how to manage successful businesses and is the visionary founder of the Pride of Austin family of companies: Pride of Austin Capital Partners, LLC, Pride of Austin Homes, LLC and, Pride of Austin Realty, LLC.

Through Pride of Austin Capital Partners, LLC David is a manager of a Regulation D Security Private Lending High Yield Fund. His ability to think outside the box on all things financial as it applies to real estate coupled with his conservative approach to managing investments has earned him a reputation among other private real estate fund managers and private lenders as being a leader in that industry. David has been named to the Board of Advisors of the American Association of Private Lenders and shares the responsibilities of other board members to write and create course curriculum for educating and certifying private fund managers with emphasis on real estate lending.

David is one of Austin’s leading real estate professionals and is focused on providing the highest quality real estate representation possible to his clients. David has been a leader among Central Texas real estate professionals for years. His extensive knowledge of the business enables him to teach his clients and peers how real estate acquisition can help boost personal income and increasing tax benefits. David also works day-in and day-out to identify Texas real estate investment opportunities for his network that can propel them toward a speedy and comfortable retirement.

The Central Texas real estate market comprises a cavalcade of moving parts, which is why David’s far-reaching professional network gives him the inside track on products and trends, buyers and sellers, builders and developers and property value – both real and perceived. Throughout his career, David has earned the respect of his contemporaries, from title companies, mortgage professionals and lenders, to real estate investors, architects and the beyond.

Outside of the office, David donates much of his time and resources to help others. As a volunteer for several Austin nonprofit organizations, David is a prolific charitable donor and fundraiser. David has been a mentor to many young entrepreneurs and college students throughout his career and has funded a number of scholarships for financially disadvantaged students. His hobbies include whitewater rafting, rowing, hiking and travelling to experience different cultures and localities.

Robert J Buchanan, Managing Partner

Robert J. Buchanan is the other driving force behind the Pride of Austin family of companies. Through Pride of Austin Capital Partners, LLC Robert is a manager of a Regulation D Security Private Lending High Yield Fund. His management skills with underwriting, loan servicing and property management are the envy of his peers in the private lending industry. Robert has an innate ability to sift through financial information while underwriting a loan and find the missing penny. As if he is a forensic underwriter, he easily finds discrepancies in information provided by borrowers which enables the managers to make solid lending decisions.

Robert has served as President of the real estate development and construction company Pride of Austin Home, LLC, since May 2007. Under Robert’s direction, Pride of Austin Homes utilizes cutting-edge technology in all its projects. In addition to his role as President, Robert supervises the company’s construction superintendents, marketing, investor relations, and financing. Robert is also a partner in Pride of Austin Realty, LLC for which he oversees marketing and finance.

After graduating from Auburn University with a BBA in Accounting and a minor in Finance, Robert moved to Princeton, NJ and began his career as an Auditor for Arthur Anderson, where he managed a team of auditors auditing major companies in all sectors of business. After his successful years in the accounting and finance industry, Robert moved to Austin and worked for Avera Development, a residential and commercial real estate development company in Austin.

When not on a build site or crunching numbers in the office, Robert likes to golf, watch college football and to take advantage of Austin’s famous live music scene. Robert and his wife Drew spend time in Austin’s parks and lakes with their two boys Carson and Clayton, their daughter, Camryn and their Labrador, Cash.

Amin Noorani, Lending Associate

Amin Noorani is Pride of Austin Capital Partners’ Lending Associate. In this role, Amin builds Business-to-Business relationships with Texas real estate investment companies, CCIM professionals and commercial brokerage houses, as well as individual investors who specialize in property rehabilitation and new construction.

Amin holds a degree in Marketing and Communications from St. Edward’s University in Austin, and he has a proven background in business development.

Prior to joining Pride of Austin, Amin was an Account Executive for a publicly traded national telecommunications and information technology company in Houston, TX.

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  • For Investors

    Our excellent reputation and real estate experience allow Pride of Austin Capital Partners to return higher yield - lower risk returns on investments. The nature of our investment vehicle that we manage allows us to offer a higher level of liquidity than customary trust deed investments.

  • For Borrowers

    Pride of Austin Capital Partners provides hard money lending for those residential and commercial borrowers that do not meet the stringent requirements of traditional loan underwriting. Borrowers can feel confident that no matter what their financial situation their loan submission will be treated with respect and dignity.

  • Custom Homes

    Pride of Austin Homes, LLC. specializes in building custom homes and remodeling homes in central Austin. Our custom homes are designed for those who enjoy the urban lifestyle and the convenience of being near downtown Austin.